Cannae Academy: 3 Day Pistol & Carbine

Cannae Academy: 3 Day Pistol & Carbine

  • $ 700.00


This is not a free class. To register please go to <--(click here to go straight to the registration page) At the bottom of the page click the date drop box and select 21-23 Oct with Tactical Response.



"While on the road, we offer a 3-day package that combines Praetorian Pistol I & II along with Cortisol Carbine into a training opportunity that provides new shooters with an intensive course that will establish skills that they can practice for months. For experienced shooters, combining pistol and rifle into a 3-day course gives them the opportunity to hone their abilities with multiple weapons used for self defense and preserving freedom." 

GEAR LIST for 3-Day Pistol & Carbine Course:

- Handgun
- 1000 Pistol Rounds
- 5 x pistol magazines
- Gun Belt
- Quality holster
- Rifle w/ sling
- 500 Rifle Rounds
- 5 x rifle magazines
- Rifle Magazine Carrier
- General Equipment