Camden Strength Training

Camden Strength Training

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"Strong People are Harder to Kill." - Mark Rippetoe

 Strength is an important ingredient to fighting but also daily life. While you are here you can get personal coaching in our gym before or after class or better yet come a day early or stay another day! You will be taught how to safely and effectively Squat, Dead Lift, Bench Press and Strict Press. The session will be light, educational and entertaining.

Civil Mind - Savage Body

Heather Glover has put together a special offer for anyone coming to Camden. If you want to learn how to get stronger while you're in town Heather will coach you through any of the lifts (Squat, Bench Press, Press, and Deadlift), and you will leave with personalized cues to help you lift properly even after you leave class.

Isn't it Time to Make Your Body a Weapon?


Training sessions start at $50 and can be tailored to your time and budget. 

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Call or Text: 731-336-2013

Email: [email protected]

Heather started training people in the four main lifts July of 2015. She took a Starting Strength Seminar with Mark Rippetoe and Jordan Feigenbaum. She has also taken Squat Camp with Matt Reynolds, as well as taking and assisting in teaching Fight Strong with Matt Reynolds. She is continuing her education by studying to take her personal trainer certificate test with NASM as well as working toward the prestigious and elusive Starting Strength Coaching Certification.













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