Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day Sale

  • $ 750.00



This gets you two classes for $750. Once you've purchased this just send an email or give us a call with the dates of the class you'd like to take and we'll add you to the roster! 

*There is a $25 per day ammo fee for any of our Force on Force classes.

*There is a $50 fee for not canceling within 10 days of a class in which you sign up. This is to keep people from signing up for a ton of classes and then not showing up. In the past this has been a logistics nightmare for us. Just sign up for the classes you are GOING to take and cancel as soon as you know you cannot make it.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: Marilyn (731) 676-2041

              Joey      (731) 441-2557




Whenever you purchase this product you can choose which limited edition patch you'd like to see made. Do you want to see the Red, White and Blue Alumni patch, or would you rather have the Yeager Bomb redesigned?? Only one way to get your voice heard. Sign up for some classes TODAY!


Here are four things you can do to ensure you have a great class:

  1. Watch these free videos. This will make your experience MUCH better and will answer many questions.
  2. We respectfully request that students have read "The Principles of Personal Defense" by Jeff Cooper before attending class.
  3. For more information about our classes and to read hundreds of student reviews loaded with pictures and video clips join our web forum
  4. Class location: Classes begin at 0800hrs at Tactical Response located at 116 Wood Ave Street Camden, TN 38320 (Phone:877-7LETHAL ). The Team Room is located at 151 McRae in Camden TN. Please email [email protected] CONFIRM your spot in the Team Room (No confirmation equals no bed).