Sonny Puzikas - Conflict Management-1

Sonny Puzikas - Conflict Management-1

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Conflict Management 1

Conflict is often described as an event in which the proverbial merde hits the proverbial oscillator... Quite an accurate description - as unpredictable consequences range from having a "close call" of unpleasant contact with the fecal matter to ending up covered in the stuff.

This course is much more than "verbal judo". Participants will receive a primer to training methodology dealing with the situations that could potentially escalate into uncontrolled conflict - ultimately morphing into physical violence with an unpredictable, and sometimes potentially lethal outcome.

To fully understand the concepts of efficient management of conflict, one must discern:

- What/who is the "merde"? And what/who is the fan?
- Which one are you in the context of the conflict?
- And what determines how big of a mess it will be?

To affect a course of action requires one to clearly understand the following:

1. The nature of the conflict
2. The purpose of the conflict
3. The origins of the conflict
4. The pillars of the violence

Words, posture, body language, positioning - all of that and much more are the ingredients that will have an effect on the direction of the conflict.

These are trained skills.

Through well-structured, interactive lectures and scenario training you will embark on the path of learning to exercise more control in the event of a conflict in your life - from casual workplace argument with a colleague, to a potentially deadly engagement with a criminal assailant.

This process is not unlike the physical fight high level performance on many levels is required to prevail.

Society instructs us to be goal-oriented. This makes us anxious. A goal is in the future. It is an illusion. It cannot be controlled. It- that elusive goal - can only be influenced by what we do.

So too are the consequences. Worrying about the outcome is akin to making payments on a loan you have not yet applied for.

Performance is in the "now". It is the present. Focus on performance improvement.

Better performance will lead to positive outcome - closer to that goal.

Some of the topics to be covered:

The lead in the conflict
Rhythm and timing of the conflict situation
Breaking it down
Direction and destination
Reset buttons

Bring note taking materials, training handgun, have your everyday carry items on you.