Super Dave Harrington - Integrated Firearms Class

Super Dave Harrington - Integrated Firearms Class

  • $ 500.00

This will be a combined rifle and pistol class. The exact information regarding the class and gear needed for class will be emailed to you AFTER you register (per Dave's request). The general list is not that different than most any other 2 day rifle/pistol class. Email [email protected] if somehow, after you have registered, we neglected to send the information. 

   Dave Harrington (a.k.a. “Super” Dave) is the President of Combat Speed LLC which is based out of Tampa, Florida. He has 23 years of military experience from the US Navy, US Air Force, and US Army (of which the last 16 years of his career were spent in the US Army’s Special Forces). His initial MOS was 11C and his qualifications include; expert infantryman, conventional and HALO paratrooper, Ranger, SFARTAEC, SOTIC, and INTAC. Dave did two tours (92-96 / 2000 – 2003) as the senior weapons instructor for the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center & Schools at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina (Range 37). Some of the nation’s most elite counter terrorist instructors & fighters trained under Harrington at Range 37.

  Dave also has extensive experience in the competitive shooting realms of IDPA and USPSA as a sponsored shooter for Beretta, Smith & Wesson, EOTAC, Pantaeo Productions, and Pistol Dynamics.
Dave’s reputation in the professional training realm has earned him many sponsorships and direct support from many reputable companies within the shooting industry i.e. CORBON, BCM, Glock, Trijicon, Grip Force Products, Safariland, Talon Tactical, Pistol Dynamics, Wilson Combat, Tango Down, Velocity Systems, Blue Force Gear etc.

  Dave’s primary goal in the training realm is to have a positive influence on each and every training participants abilities to acquire the necessary level of mental & physical synchronization to become a well rounded fighter.

 The Team Room is only open to Tactical Response Alumni during hosted classes. 


Here are four things you can do to ensure you have a great class:

  1. Watch these free videos. This will make your experience MUCH better and will answer many questions.
  2. We respectfully request that students have read "The Principles of Personal Defense" by Jeff Cooper before attending class.
  3. For more information about our classes and to read hundreds of student reviews loaded with pictures and video clips join our web forum
  4. Class location: Classes begin at 0800hrs at Tactical Response located at 116 Wood Ave Street Camden, TN 38320 (Phone:877-7LETHAL). The Team Room is located at 151 McRae in Camden TN. Please email [email protected] CONFIRM your spot in the Team Room (No confirmation equals no bed).