• Training 100% Refund Policy
    Tactical Response training courses are backed by our 100% refund policy.  All you have to do is articulate why the course was unsatisfactory in front of the other students before class is dismissed.
  • Prerequisites
    Some courses have prerequisites which are not negotiable.  No exceptions whatsoever. This is not some attempt to extort more money from students. We get this question ALL of the time. Please consider taking Fighting Pistol (you will see it is NOT a basic class) and if you are dissatisfied we will gladly refund your money. We will tell you that many, many shooters have reluctantly agreed and have all been MORE than happy with the class. It is not that the classes you have taken are “lesser” than ours but each school has its own personality. If you studied a martial art and became a black belt and then went to a different martial art discipline you wouldn’t expect them to simply hand you a black belt would you? Of course not. Although both martial arts styles involve violent actions they are not the same. It is the same in firearms schools.