• $ 500.00

Building Clearing

Clearing a building is like eating a Shit Sandwich. Yes you can eat alone it but having a friend means they get to eat half! What are friends for anyway? :-)

 Geared at home defenders and patrol cops this 2-day class is about doing a dangerous thing alone or with a helper. We will start with the basics and by the end of the class you will be doing very advanced tactics related to the dangerous nature of the undertaking.

 Topics covered: Principles of movement with one or more people, deliberate vs. dynamic searches, low light tactics for 1 or more, use over cover and movement in a dwelling, sensory deprivation as well as sensory overload, target indicators, hunted vs hunting, communication, emergency medical, use of handgun and long guns in confined spaces, firearms set-up, family planning with many, many runs in the shoot house in an attempt to perfect these skills.


  • A Blue Gun that fits your holster (limited number of loaners)
  • Flashlight(s) used for home defense
  • Paintball mask, gloves and other garments to cover bare skin for “Force on Force” scenarios
  • OPTIONAL – Bring any other items you have at your disposal like body armor, etc